Procedural materials in 3dsmax

hi. currently i'm learning 3dsmax procedural 3d maps.
since now, i always painted my texture maps. as it is usually used in the game development.
but in the movies it is everyday buisness to use parametrical setups and rigs to achieve a higher production speed and keeping the work modifiable at the loss of quality. since not all props must work in close up there. so it MUST also be usable for us gamers in some way.

i want to compare the workflow of movie 3d artists to my (gameart, so mainly paint textures) workflow.
i just made some tests, and the bake leads to absolutely NO seams. which is pretty amazing. so i think, if i produce some base 3d maps, which i can use over and over, i will save much time in the end, even if i paint them over in the end.

anyway currently its just an experiment, and its inpired by a friend who works for the movie industry. but i will push it further, since the first attemps are promising.

in the first place, i want to create concrete blocks with rebars sticking out of it, since i could use these props in a gaming environment for a friend of mine.

i tried some procedurals on the rebars, that should stick out of the concrete.

the speculars are not really cool and perhaps i should let the grey parts be convex in their orientation, so that they look like concrete, that still sticks on the rebar. but that is easy once you have it set up.
left to right:
1. highpoly, 2 shapeless only shader 3. baked on lowpoly with normalmaps
the baked maps are ~1024x256

this last pic, is another shape of a rebar. one that is more commonly known as a rebar.

and here are some pics of a currently painted concrete block that i also want to create with procedurals

here are some related threads, that i started:
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and here is the max 2009 scene, with a part of the rebar and the material on it.

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