Modeling dunes in 3dsmax with Patch Grids

here is my promised desert dunes video tutorial
have fun, and excuse my bad english

His this is an old video about modeling and mapping 3d dunes in 3dsmax

you will learn about patch grids,
using the smooth modifier,
setting up a blend material that blends 2 textures by vertexcolor
and also setting up a simply fog for rendering

check it out!
sascha henrichs

click here to download


  1. Seen this over at g-a.net forums. Really nice workflow you've got there, thanks for sharing.

  2. As I said in another comment, I've always wondered what was vertex painting was and now I know! I'll try to make mix maps for grass displacement in archviz and let you know the results...

  3. would it be possible to get a copy of the model itself as I am useless with 3DS Max.

  4. sry mate, but that's a tutorial. i made this, so people who are useless with max can learn it :)

  5. Really Nice Tutorial man. But Your Downloadable content site is not working.Can you please provide those material.

  6. Excellent tutoriel, bonne chance pour la suite =)


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