"Risen" Item plants

long time no see, because there were no lectures :)
anyway i found something in my old folders. and to just post something i'll show you these plants i made and designed for our role playing game "risen" some years ago.

these plants can be collected and used for different purposes.
the design needed some bigger plants for that you can see them in huge grasses. also they needed to clearly can be identified as items to not confuse the player with other grasses that are only decoration.


  1. those plants were nice(though I disabled the grass to better see items on ground, if I remember correctly).

    Btw looking forward to seeing stuff you did in Risen 2 - it looks very interesting so far, already preordered :)

  2. Same here. Though I never disabled the usual grasses since they were well made and added a lot of atmosphere to the scene.

    Is it a hard task to design new item plants for each game without making them looking similar to the old ones?

  3. it's all about time. typically i need 2 weeks for creating a bunch likethese from scratch


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