some materials in 3dsmax and UDK with art_I_2010

we just tried to achieve different surface effects in 3dsmax. it sucked up more time than i thought it would.. 2 days in a whole. after the max session i tried to port the effects to udk. but failed in some points.we tried metal, wood as also two weapon handles. one should be rubber. the other plastic

in 3dsmax the oren nayar blinn was used for the rubber handle. all others are blinn shaders. in udk unfortunately there is no preset for other shading models. also the stills cannot resemble the surfaces like when moving around them.


  1. Hi Sascha,
    you might try to use a custom lighting model. I just made a post about blinn shading in UDK: http://oliverm-h.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-use-blinn-specular-for-ue3.html
    Its also possible to rebuild the oren-nayar lighting but its way more complicated and needs a lot of instructions.

  2. wow, thx for the blogpost man! this is very interesting. yesterday i read something about custom lighting models in udk, but i'm not much into the math of it, therefore gave up to understand it :) perhaps your posting can help me out a bit!

  3. Yeah it can be quite confusing and I have to admit that I'm not much into this kind of math either but the wiki articles helped me a lot. Once you see the key formula written it's more simple than figuring out huge material networks.

  4. I have never tried using 3Ds Max. I only used Blender for making 3D objects. What are their differences?

  5. just grab the demo version man. :) it's free and lasts 30 days.


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