Art_I_2011 - Bunker Modeling

finally i finished my bunker, that i build with course art_I_2011 at games academy in berlin.
it was a 3 day lecture, so we had enough time to introduce modeling and mapping for tilable maps, creating tilable maps and normalmaps. creating small assets with minimum effort and also using mudbox to sculpt some broken concrete.


not everything you see in these pictures was done in the lecture. i added a few things afterwards and also put the whole scene into the udk.

never mind the ugly ground. i didn't take care of it.
we made excessive use of supporting edges for the geometry where the tileable maps are on. so the use of lod meshes is highly recommended for such modeling. unfortunately i hadn't had time to also create those. perhaps i will do later

the big concrete wall obviously has a 2048 texture on it.

the number is a multiplied image that sits in mapping channel 2 of the bunker mesh. so its no decal but more like a dirt map. all the other polygons in the map channel 2 of the bunker main mesh were put into one white pixel. not very resource efficient though ;) 

it was a very fun lecture and i hope you students learned some bits! :)