Speeder Bike, Vehicle Workshop

portfolio time for Art_I_2010. so we started a vehicle project.
each student chose a vehicle he wanted to create for his portfolio. and we started it in this 3 day workshop.
many of the student pushed it very far. some even got their highpolys ready.
there were some space ships, some tanks and even an old plane. perhaps i can later get some of these for this blog to show them off.
i made a speeder bike from star wars. unfortunately no scout trooper on it ;)

i chose to only stick with the highpoly and paint it with ptex in mudbox.
i found out, that it is crucial for ptex to have the polys roughly even in their size. otherwise ptex produces weird texel irregularities and wavy artefacts.

unfortunately i didn't finfish the piece yet. there are only very rough colors thrown onto it.
no material definition, edges, details and color polishing. but i will stick with this mesh until i get it right.


  1. Wow, awesome. Now i want to watch StarWars again :D How many polys it have so far?

  2. hi thx :), it's the highpoly. it has a million polys or so.


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