Yet another floorpanel .. Art_I_2010

yeah a hardsurface modeled floorpanel that is in 3dsmax and in UDK
diffuse, spec, normal, selfillumination
UDK scene spiced up with some models from the udk package. only the floor panel was selfmade

painting was the fun stuff!
again we made the treadplate only in photoshop. the rest was baked. used plenty of floaters and baked their AO seperately


  1. I'm not sure but normal map is not convincing enough. Maybe it is a problem with light position/type but that map is very subtle and almost non recognizable. Only that part with small bare metal is as should be. That's for UDK screen only. In Max's viewport that map is much more visible. Sorry for 'hard' criticism, but I'm starting to have a big fun with level design, where that maps sometimes are certain. Especially in a 'hi-tech' environment. That floor is a Doom3 like but there they are even too much intensive.

  2. ah sure, thank you for your feedback adamek! i appreciate any kind of criticism!
    indeed i had a hard time getting a decent normal effect inside UDK. in fact i had to use a dynamic light in order to get the normalmap working in any way. standart lightmaps were all too blurry and not convincing. i could have used a bit more steepness in the normal itself, but in the end there must be some kind of trick to get it right. an offset map would also do good.
    so thx again and keep judging :)!


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