Art_II_2010 UDK Environment with Speedtrees

the last lecture with Art_II_2010 we made an UDK environment
all with custom textures and custom speedtrees all with compiling speedtrees and getting them into the engine.
we used the new landscape tool to create the environment and even placed swimable water.
for sure the whole scene lacks of detail, love in lighting and tonz of other props and grasses, but what we achieved in the 3 days was really cool

all tree textures are from speedtree, but most of the speedtree geometry was custom made step by step.

we also made a stone as a prop. sculpted it in mudbox and baked it also in there.

the ferns were done by leechin two fern photos from the net and then masking them out. then we made up a custom speedtree with the textures. never mind, they are not matching with the colors.

the placing of the objects was a pain in the ass, since i don't know cool placing shortcuts (if there are some) for the udk. i.e. i was searching for a method to move an already placed object to the surface normals of another object

unfortunately i wasn't able to get my speedtrees use the detail bark textures, which is why the reed is not displayed correctly.think it has something to do with the cap textures, which were not set to use also the bark textures.

after all this we set up a dynamic lighting only scene, since the baking of the lightmaps took ages with the speetrees. also we messed around with the colors in the postprocessing.

after the lecture i was able to set up a "blended box mapping" with a udk intern material function for the landscape rocks. see in the material, how i set it up. don't forget to use textureobjects instead of texturesamples!


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