Art_II_2010 Floorpanel

 i smashed some geometry features into the floor panel. it works way better now
however, now it could even use some more geometry over the lights.
here's the pic..


all courses have to go through it: floor panel creation.
and yes this panel would need some 3d features in it to be a cool panel.sorry for this fail.
all in all not a very satisfying result 
anyway for the sake of completeness i will post a screen of it
here it is in the same environment like the last panel.
i planned to make a panel with tracks for vehicles, but those tracks should also have a 3d representation and not only some normalmap features.
also there's lack of dirt in the diffuse. especially in corners and cavities.
so when your 3d features in a floor panel are very prominent, then better use a unique 3d mesh for it instead of only a plane.

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  1. Hi there!

    I like your work. Actually i am a newbie in 3D and want to be an environment modeler.

    I started to using 3D coat for destruction effects. This program has nice features (depth paint feature is really cool).

    Did you try 3D Coat?

    Here are some stuff i did. Yea i know that they are looking bad :))




    See ya and thanks for tutorials.


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