Art_I_09_FRA, Unreal Dev Kit Nature Scene

The next part of last lecture included landscape modeling and texturing in UDK but also again making trees in Speedtree, and importing and placing assets into the level. we also tried to make grass with speedtree, but with lighting probs.
we also made swimmable water and some kind of "prematured" underwatereffect.
all in all we had some trouble getting good lighting settings w/o GI. and last but not least, color tweakng was skipped...we could have easily had one more day on this..so basics were done and set up but no eyecandy this time......
here are some shots..


  1. Good.What do you mean by eye-candy.
    I see it's missing components but could you please name them - I am curious about it :)

  2. Would love to see a start to finish tutorial on how you created this in udk


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