Risen stuff

again some stuff i made for Risen. a role playing game.
its  tomb i made in hurry in the last days of the development of Risen. it was a surrounding for a shrine of the undead, which was designed in a fanartwork.
all design for the tomb itself and mesh, textures, objects and lighting by the infamous: me.
  The skeletons are both, bone pile texture and objects.
 the lighting was mostly accentuated by the torches, which are so called "practical lights", which are lights in a scene, that have an actual shown visual source, but there are also many indirect lightsources. mainly greens

The whole tomb looks bigger than it is. actually it is one hallway, which end in a bigger room
the spiderwebs were done with alphas in photoshop.
in Gothic i always painted them. For Risen i also took free downloadable spiderweb brushes.

I also placed some fog and lightstreaks in form of particle effects
 the normals were only done in photoshop. well anyway they cannot be seen very well

it was all greatly inspired by the first level of tomb raider underworld. well at least the color and wall textures..

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