A Gun modeled with GD_I_2009_FFM at the GA

hi, here something new, we did in the course.
tired of making swords, i offered to choose between a sword and a gun..
and so the students chose a gun.

this concept was found in the net, and it was from torvenius at deviant art

heres our model. we also have an animation, which i will post later


(to make youtube videos start instantly and loop them, use this term in the embed code:
http://www.youtube.com/v/VIDEOID&loop=1&autoplay=1 where "VIDEOID" is your unique video ID)

we had no time for the mapping, so we plane mapped it from the side, to project the concept picture as a texture. the only thing we pelted was the handle.
the model is a bit optimized, but could be even more optimized.
also it has no spec and normalmap on it.

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