A Procedural Concrete Material #xx

so finally a version, that works somehow.

here it is:

the self-imposed task was to create a prepared workflow to create broken concrete surfaces by the use of procedural textures.
first i painted a concrete texture, to have an initial point to recreate in procedurals.
then i took the mesh and created the procedurals for that.
i took many bercon noises and nested them. first place big noises, then getting smaller.

[Update: to get the file working, you need an older bercon noise map plugin. the current one won't load the file. get the older file here sry, only 64bit]

i made 2 materials, one with concrete and one with broken concrete.
these two i put in a blend material, and used vertex colors to blend them.
for this i used this Warp plugin, from footools, and this tutorial from neil blevins for getting cool fractal blendings out of simple straight vertex colors.
#for setting the vertex colors very fast, i used neils script "cornerEdgeToVertexMap" from his infamous "soulburnscripts!
also install the blurstudio plugins

this whole thing to (hardly) understand and getting working took me now nearly ~12 working days, when i take all the time in line.

get the 2009 max file here

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