Some older tutorials on creating ferns

i just translated them from german to english and put them on sheets. typos included :)


  1. Hey Sascha,

    Thank you for this wonderfully simple and easy-to-follow tutorial! I've just got one question: When I've made my 3Ds Max model, how do I import it into UDK and keep the transparency? I've been trying several different ways, but whatever I do I can't seem to get the alpha to work - the leaves just appear as planes with the block of texture on, not transparent around the outside. Any tips?

    ~ Malin

  2. hey malin thank you! you're welcome.
    you have to import the texture with alpha channel into the udk, and then set up the material accordingly, with alpha channel in opacity slot.
    to see how it's done, check the UDK documentation.
    good luck!

  3. very thank u dude. god bless u


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