New Games Academy Stuff to come

i just finished a new basic modeling class with course GD_II_08. and we modeled 2 blade war axe.
the presentation render will follow in a few days.

also i wanted to record some video tutorials on low polymodeling, mapping and texture creation for games. but this will take some days.

So the axe texture is still not ready, but meanwhile i'll post a stone, that was done lecturing an art class at GA Berlin.
This stone has 136 tris, and was done using 3dsmax,Mudbox,Bodypaint and Photoshop.
The beautyrender was only done with normal lights and photoshopping. :)

Here the wireframe. This stone only has a Diffuse, that is also functioning as specular color and intensity, and a normalmap.
So it will work very well in a realtime environment.

I also want to do a video tutorial about modeling stones.

Look at that 360° viewer. Be aware its ~9 MB
(click and drag the image)

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