Games Academy - Pieces from my lectures

Here is some work, i did in lectures i gave at the games academy.
I will add pictures from time to time.
The textures are not worked out. they are just made very quick for lecturing purposes.
The designs were all taken from picture references out the net.
Unfortunately i did not write down, from where exactly each reference came from.
But here the final models. They are all modeled in mid- / lowpoly count except the chainsaw, which is quiet lowpoly.

A dagger modeled in a "modeling basic" course

A combat knife, which was an exam.

An iron sword modeled in a "modeling basic" course

An "Ice Sword" modeled in a "modeling basic" course

A "Dragon Sword" modeled in a "modeling basic" course

A chainsaw speedmodeled in a "modeling basic" course

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  1. Uaah... the knife looks pretty neat [of course the other ones do as well, but I have no comparison with the original image in those cases]. Especially compared to my own one... *cough*


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