SAE Lecture, BIA4 1013 - Producer Level Design

we got one day for that scene, it what was nearly 100% sculpting a stone..lol
we put some trees from the UDK into the scene and then the lecture was done. in the end it was a success since i could tell some insights about environment sculpting and scene dressing. for sculpting stones try to avoid round structures at all cost get much plain structures. bitmap textures should be easy in their contents, not much medium and high noise, amplify your geometry by applying sharp light details on the edges. and broad dark shadows in the cavities.

at first we created this cheesy concept as a goal. :)
then we made this stone in mudbox

then we imported the stone into UDK and placed it in a rush..we just had 20 minutes or so for the UDK stuff. unfortunately you cannot see much of this stone in this scene but large scaled pixels. there was an environment planned that incorporated a landscape mass, groundtextures and also grassplanes and dedicated selfmade speedtrees. perhaps the next time