new tut coming ahead - medieval axe for ingame use

The vids are done, and they are an amazing length of 7:45 hours. o_0
so i'm sorry. the editing will take a while. i don't want to go over 1 hour or so. maximum 2 hours.
but the most of the work is the voice narration. since i do this always afterwards.
cu l8er


a new tut will be born next month, this tut will be much longer than my other tuts.
and it will cover the complete creation of a medieval axe for ingame use within mudbox and 3dsmax and baked with xnormal. also using ptex inside mudbox.
unfortunately the preview video is very low quality. see the below mudbox render for a detailed look at the NOT finished axe. in the end there will also be some fabrics around and stuff. for sure the surface qualities cannot really be displayed in the still.

it will be the first tut i will sell for a dime. but it wont be much more than a donation of 5 bucks and it can be bought via paypal. so don't fear i'm going nuts on bucks ;)in exchange you will get valuable hints for sculpting ancient hammered metals, creating the speculars and blackened diffuses and also some additional tricks about sculpting wood. and also a complete workflow from basemesh to final ingame mesh, but that won't be something new to you.
so i hope i won't piss you off mates! see u in hell!