Bunker-P23 made with Art_I_2010 Berlin

jo here is another bunker. unfortunately no rebars and rubble..time slipped away.
was only a 2 day lesson.
I used the xoliul post shaders the first time, and overdone everything :D
oh and don't do that at home, that was a "sculpting and baking" lesson to show how to sculpt cool concrete features and use xnormal.
we sculpted a whole bunker and baked it to a 2048..
question: "who would do that in production?"
answer: "no one."


  1. How WOULD one do it in production, instead of a 2048x2048? Modular?

  2. hi anonymous,
    i would sculpt a tileable concrete normalmap and paint a matching diffuse.
    since you would likely have more concrete stuff in your levels where you could use this map. then sculpt some destruction decals and make a dirt texture and the numbers or any additional stuff. u can then use a second map channel to place these. use some extra geometry segments for that you have no problem in placing the dirts and destructions.
    perhaps you would sculpt and paint the very entrace of the bunker, with door opening. but not the whole body of the structure.

  3. Its possbile to see the bunker also as geometry with wires and without textures?


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