Vray Lava Shader Animation

here's the promised animation.
one electric noise in there is animating too fast, but i was too lazy, to chase him :)
so here it is

it has also a mesh displacement componentand is it's fully procedural.it uses also the blurs' "electric" map.
rendertime is long. a 640x380 frame is about ~5 minutes with medium quality rendersettings. because the procedural maps use much computing power.
there are still much flaws in there. but was best i could achive in that limited time back in the day.

i do not claim that this material or scene and rendersettings are very rendertime efficient.
ther could be some major flaws in there. textures of the rocks not included.
however i put the blurplugins and the warp texture into the rar file.
these are made by Blur and John Burnett
you need to install them, and of course you need Vray