Course Art_I_09 a bunker room

this time we created a room. its an industrial setting and you can see the reference below.

it not good lit at all..we only used one crappy light and the xoliulshader.
all mats have both normal and specular. the concrete was sculpted in mudbox. all other normalmaps were done with the cool photoshop scripts from Teddy Bergsman
we used terminating edges for the corners and hard edges, then we placed only one smoothgroup on the walls. that was a bit expensive for the polycount but it looked way better. i love this technique. and no, its no standard chamfer. 2 extra edges are applied close besides every corner. the moddle edge dont have to be moved in.
then place 1 smoothgroup over all. this way, the normalmap can work very well around the corner.

heres the reference..we didnt take it very far though. ... :/
its from http://indecay.com
a great ressource for references of industrial decay!