Gothic 3 Preproduction - Desert

- If you want to see the final technique i used for the dunes in 3dsmax, watch this Tutorial -

This is a series of screenshots from an early "Genome"-Engine built.
My task was to prototype a desert like landscape.

the rocks were "dirty" boolean objects. and the sanddunes and mapping was done by using patch grids in 3dsmax.

it took quite a while, since i found an appropriate way to build dunes in 3dsmax.

the engine was not able to give shadow or anything at this point of develpment

though the rocks were nicely shaped, they took too much geometry, and were also dirty geometry. so we didnt take them. in the end i made rock displacements in 3dsmax, and then stiched them to the dunes by hand. the sand2rock transitions were then done by vertexcolors

we colored the screens in photoshop to get a feel, what works and what does not.
Ralf Marczinczik made this nice mood paint of the desert setting. i was not able to get this look in the engine though....well, i was young and noobish ;)

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