ART_I_08_FFM - Day 2

jo, you learned about hard surface modeling and baking normalmaps and creating diffuse maps.
we made some floor tile with all those maps and then imported it into the unreal engine.

these are the raw files for the treadplate. we modeled one quad of riffles and then baked the normal. and then arranged this part in photoshop to a full blown treadplate.

Then we modeled a highpoly floor tile. every student made his own 2d concept in photoshop. and then modeled in 3dsmax.
this is the bake of my plate.

Then came the painting of the diffuse

and then the self illumination mask in the red channel and the specular in the green channel of a composit texture

and this is the infamous result we achieved with the techniques, when imported into the unreal engine..

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