Lecture Unreal Engine Basics S4G Berlin 11/17

the outcome of an unreal basics workshop i gave in november.
at first glance not too impressive, but it covers plenty of engine systems.
we had an eye on the system design of the lights/flickering lights and the switch interaction to be built fail safe in any case.
this was a nice case to show students, how even simple systems can be full of bugs and open ends, when not designed carefully

things and systems we build:
- import of various resources and naming conventions
- shader creation and material instances
- input events
- light functions and decals
- blueprinting for various systems like:
   - lightBP that is able to be turned on and off and to flicker
   - blueprint interfaces and simple interact system
   - lightswitches, that can trigger custom selected lights
   - levelblueprints for events and sequences
   - run with "inputevent run (shift)" all with faster animations and speed
   - footstepsystem that find different surfece types and select corresponding sounds
   - blueprint doors
   - mess around with the projectile BP
   - a simple flashlight logic in the player BP
   - create and particles and control them with BP
- render cinematics and camflights with the sequencer
- audio volumes with reverb
- sound cues

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