PhysX Lab and Unreal Engine Destruction

PhysX Lab findings

We recently used PhysX Lab in a lecture and found 3 things that helped us.
So perhaps it helps also others when it is written down also in this place.

- To add an extra level of fracture when using a cut out texture you can use this option to have your chunks even more divided. To set the Voronoi settings, go into Voronoi fracture mode. These settings will then also be used by the "interior face noise" of the cutout tool. This info can also be found in the documentation. But since this is the last place you'll look for help, this info might be for you :D

- The vertex density of a cutout seems to be tied to the resolution of the source mask, used for the cutout.
In order to generate a usable mesh create small source masks like 256

- Use *.bmp fileformat for cutout masks. This info is also in the docs.

this is what we did

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