Art_I_2010, just a render session

this very last lecture with this 4th term course was a very stressful one, since we tried to create a mental ray, image based lit and camera mapped environment scene to place a 3d car in. i had absolutely no time to prepare this session and therefore it was a hellish ride through teh settings, parameters and jeff pattons blog.. harhar. but in the end we succeeded
there are still endless flaws and errors. but an early stage of a working scene was installed!
and the results of the students were all very kewl, well done mates!
This is the scene i rendered. the car model is by Tom Kaschub, and the background is from Jeff Pattons Blog

 The scene features an hdr spherical environment light, a backplate on a camera mapped background model and a beautiful porsche model from the student Tom Kaschub!

The second (and compared to the car rendering very easy part) was to create a sub surface scattering effect for a low poly character. it is pretty straight forward. just create the metal ray sss skin shader, then deploy your maps into the corresponding slots and create a simple lighting. the effect is sublte, but when compared to a standard shader it is a clear advancement.
the model was a kind contribution from the student Svenja Hildebrandt!