art_II_2010. Lava landscape.

in 2 days we made this lavalandscape in UDK. the first part of the lecture was about setting up shaders (the lava shader) in UDK and sculpting stones.

after that each student got a task to do some assets for the scene. one task was: understanding and setting up a sky and distance fog in udk, one task was to create textures, one was for creating stones and so on.
we also had a golem and sound and great looking particle effects in there.

particles and lavashader were animated. there was also heat flicker particles.
every student had to do his own research on how to solve his tasks in UDK.

we even had a student who managed to create and implement a great background sound that underlined the presence of the lavastream and the lava fountains.
anyway there was not enough time to tweak textures, lighting, environment colors and objektplacing

but after all a very fun lecture and a great effort for two days.


  1. Sieht mal wieder toll aus Sascha. Bin immer wieder begeistert, wenn du etwas neue online stellst.

  2. Great job!

    Keep up the good work. RSS reader. :)

    Regards from Croatia!


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