just another cave session, Art_II_09

cave entrance lecture flavoured with UDK import and speedtree. course Art_II_09
the cave entrance was modelled with support edges around the corners, for that one smoothgroup could work on it.
2 materials used with 1024 textures

this technique is a bit more poly heavy but allows good use of tilable textures with 1 smoothgroup and preservation of shape inside the modeling structure.
however it would do better with more deep mesh cracks in it and here and there more geometry to give shape to the main features, since they are really blocky.
this particular location wouldn't be finished until smaller rocks, grasses and trees were added.
realtime viewport shader

the UDK part, however, is noobish again since i got no good looking outdoorlighting.
its not that easy. i really got to learn it...
speedtree editor was taught and speedtrees were also imported.

all in all i hope it was a relaxed and nice lecture not only for me :)