Time managment

hi there, heres an update concerning non graphic related stuff..
i searched for a good time managment software that fit my need and is all FREE!
now i found something, and i can only appreciate it and encourage you to use it!

this software will track right EVERYTHING you do on your computer and puts it in bar graphs.
The log-on time will be tracked, every software will be tracked, when and for how long you used it.
even the files you work on and the sites you visit will be tracked.
percentages will be computed. and week and monthly summaries can be reviewed.

its very powerful and easy to use and understand.

so visit http://www.manictime.com/ now and check out your computing behaviours!


  1. Does the software use much cpu time, because of tracking all..?

  2. not at all. i can do buisness as usual!


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