Schnupperkurs July 2010

jo here is a small nade we made (<-rhyme) in the "schnupperkurs"..(a course to advertise for the games academy)
its a so called "flash bang"..i pimped it a bit, since there was not enough time to make it "nice" in the course itself. we just managed to make the model and some kind of diffuse. but no normalmap and spec..nor presentation or lighting...its with xoliulshader, captured from 3dsmax viewport


  1. could you put the files for this up for download so i can see the settings you used? it looks quite cool

  2. hi, its really not that hard.
    basically just create a bend ground plane,that goes up in the back, to avoid a horizonline. And then turn on all hardware rendering features, max offers you. use my lighting tutorial for a 3 point lighting setup.

  3. Take a look at these land-mines
    Hope it will be helpful for courses!


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