Art_I_09 Leveldesign in Berlin

jo this time we had a small lecture in objectplacing.
for that we made a scene of boxes that should represent a city, and placed even smaller boxes in there that represent city objects. we placed the objects, so that smaller objects always stand besides bigger objects, and tried to create a nice and lively city scene.
the way we developed the city layout (with boxes) is exactly how we layout cities in my main job at piranha bytes. we place boxes, and then put them in a game environment to check distances and shapes/outlines of the cityscape.
we also used the hardware viewport effects of 3dsmax, to see lighting effects in realtime.

the next thing we made, was yet another grass, because we didnt make grass in this course yet.

even after this we had another few minutes, where we created some barbedwire...
yes its stuff that everybody needs to know ;)

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