Some random "Risen" stuff i did

hi my beloved anonymous.
today i bring you some production stuff from our game "Risen"..it came out 2. October '09 ...

its random stuff i have on my disk. there are mainly props and beauty renders..
so here is the first one, its a druids shrine i modeled from a concept that came from a fan contest..
the price was: being in the game...the initial task was to create an undead shrine.. but since there were many good ones, we also had a second place.. this one was then used as a druids shrine.
sculpt in mudbox, render in max.

The next one is a render of some vegetation props..
the grass was the gothic 3 grass..i did a new one for risen.

here is another foliage thang, i also have on my page www.saschahenrichs.de for ages now..

the last one is a concept render, to get an idea how dungeons could work..